Vivo Connected Christmas

This was one of the very firsts films I did. It’s a short film that tells a story of a magic cell phone that helps people to connect which each other during the holidays made for Vivo, a phone carrier in Brazil.

The whole movie team had just a few more than half a dozen people and we worked on it for about three months. I got in it at first as a modeler and was responsible for modeling all the characters. We decided to use the same base mesh for all of them which helped the process to be a little faster and I was able to model all fifteen characters in two weeks. After the modeling, I also animated a couple of scenes, helped with the modeling of the props and backgrounds and worked assembling some of the scenes at the end of the movie.

I used ZBrush for the modeling and Maya for animating the shots.

Concept Art: Bruno Jacob
Model: Thiago Flores, Mauricio Carolino, Lean Alvesan, Rafael Nakahayashi, Cauê Benedan
Rigging: Henrique "Edmx"
Animation: Thiago Flores, Daniel Cabral, Henrique "Edmx", Alexandre Agostini
Shader &Texture: Júlio Bonfante, Alexandre Agostini
Light & Render: Julio Bonfante
Particles: Alex Meireles
Composition: Alexandre Agostini
Motion: Thiago Flores

Studio: Big Studios
Agency: DM9DDB
Client: Vivo