The New App From Itaú

This is a series of Ads made for Itaú to show how easy your life would turn using their new Banking App. To do that we showed several characters doing their daily activities and as they open the app the whole scenario changed to an Itaú Agency.

On this project, I had a more generalist role. I was in charge of the texturing and shading of the main characters at first. Helped with the modeling of some props and scenario elements. Rigged some of the objects that would interact with the character. Did the motion graphics that would appear on the cellphone screen, and animated some shots in the end.

For modeling and texturing I used Zbrush, Rig and Animation were made on Maya, the character shader was made on V-Ray and for the Motion Graphics, I used After Effects. It was an awesome project and was really well received by the company. One of the nicest things was to make the animation that appears on the TV that the woman was watching, it turned out to be another short-film itself called "The Kiss" that you can watch below.

Concept Art: Bruno Jacob
Model: Thiago Flores, Mauricio Carolino, Lean Alvesan, Rafael Tomazzi, Claudinê Nascimento, Rayza Alvarez
Rigging: Henrique "Edmx", Daniel Cabral
Animation: Thiago Flores, Daniel Cabral, Henrique "Edmx"
Shader &Texture: Thiago Flores, Júlio Bonfante, Alexandre Agostini, Rafael Tomazzi
Light & Render: Alexandre Agostini, Julio Bonfante
Compostion: Alexandre Agostini
Motion: Thiago Flores

Studio: Big Studios
Agency: DM9DDB
Client: Itaú