Sonae Sierra - Valentine's Day and Mother’s Day

The group Sonae Sierra wanted to make an ad for their sales promotion “Amor nas Alturas” (roughly translated as “Love up in the Heights”). The promotion was going to be used for the Mother’s Day and for the Valentine’s Day as well, so it got one version featuring a woman and her son and another with a teen couple.

In both movies, I was responsible for the animation along with Daniel Cabral and also painted the textures of the characters on ZBrush.

Director: Ricardo "Big" Passos
Concept Art: Sergio Filho
Storyboard: João Carlos Vasco
Modeling: Sergio Filho, Mauricio Carolino, Rafael Nakahayashi
Rigging: Henrique "Edmx"
Animation: Daniel Cabral, Thiago Flores
Shader &Texture: Julio Bonfante, Thiago Flores
Light & Render: Julio Bonfante
Composition: Phellip Atila
Motion: Phellip Atila

Studio: Big Studios
Agency: Escala
Client: Sonae