New Fanta Guaraná

New Fanta Guaraná is a series of short films produced to advertise the new Guaraná flavored soda for the Fanta brand. Guaraná is a Brazilian fruit and in this series of videos the ad agency had the idea to transform the fruit into this little character and put it in various situations.

The first film is called Catapult and shows the Guraná fruit been launched into the Fanta can to build the packshot at the end of the movie. The second one is Eyes in the Dark. As the little fruits have a back dot in their middle, the idea was to make them visible in a deep black background so it looks like there was a light bulb off and you can only see the silhouette of the eyes open one by one.


The idea of the campaign was to resemble origami paper folded, so in Confetti Cannon, the last of the films, we mixed this idea with a confetti cannon showing the Guaraná fruits been launched and building the packshot with the soda can.

Director: Ricardo Passos
Storyboard: Bianca Nazari
Concept Art: Bianca Nazari, Rafael Loureiro
Modeling: Alex Meireles, Leandro Marcelino, Maurício Carolino, Rafael Tomazzi
Rigging: Flávia Trevisan
Animation: Thiago Flores, Flávia Trevisan
Shader &Texture: Alex Meireles, Luiz Fernando Araújo
Light & Render: Alex Meireles, Luiz Fernando Araújo
Compositing: João Sheeperson

Studio: Big Studios
Agency: Ogilvy
Client: Fanta