Grendene Kids vs. The Terrible Samurai Monkey

Grendene Kids, a child's shoe brand from Brazil, was releasing a new model of sneakers that comes with a pair of VR Glasses and they ask us to create a VR film exclusively to their channel. They came up with a story about a terrible villain, the Samurai Monkey, that along with his henchmen, the Ninja Sloth and the Ninja Capybara, took control of the Fantastic Factory and is your job to help rescue it.


This was my first film working as a Director and it was a challenge from the beginning. It was over 4 minutes of animation, three characters, lip-sync and 4K render. The whole team had to be all well-coordinated and we have no margin for errors. Gladly everything went better than expected and the Agency was very satisfied with the final result of the project.


Along with directing I was the animator on the teaser trailer. It was very fun doing this piece of animation that represents the whole funny aspect of the film we produced. You can check the animation breakdown below.

Director: Thiago Flores

Storyboard: Bianca Nazari 
Concept Art: Bianca Nazari, Bruno Jacob, Fernanda Montoni
Modeling: Annelise Campana, Eric Henrique, Gabriel Belluco, Léo Rezende, Rafael Tomazzi
Rigging: Danilo Pinheiro
Animation: Thiago Flores, Abner Cirelli, Fernando Donizetti, Flávia Trevisan, Henrique "Edmx", Pedro Medeiros
Dynamics: Maurício Carolino
Shader &Texture: Júlio Bonfante, Fernando Azulini, Annelise Campana, Rafael Tomazzi
Light & Render: Júlio Bonfante, Fernando Azulini, Renato Braz
Compostion: João Sheeperson
Matte Painting: Fernanda Montoni
Editing: Daniel Barros
Motion: Daniel Barros
Sound: Tentáculo

Studio: Big Studios
Agency: VML
Client: Grendene